Hello, how is your strategy?

Strategies that make people tick

It is not an easy task to articulate why we do what we do. We simply lack enough distance to define our qualities. Your strategy is a remarkable and yet perpetual story, a fundamental part of your business. When done well, it resonates and interacts with the outside world. It is work in progress. Big ass plans start from the smallest iterations and get leveraged through excellent communication.

Need food for thought?

We can help you with shaping beauty for others out of your brand.

Changes that will make you go "Ooh"

(Re)shaping your fundamentals is often caused by change. Right at that point, companies get challenged. Here are some examples where a strategist or as we like to call it a blue banana might come in handy:

  • A change in portfolio; a company has new products or great services that need ‘nuancing’.
  • A new businessmodel; followed by the need for a brand(new) storyline and positioning.
  • Business has changed lanes; the company moved to different verticals with new challenges and needs to amplify its presence.
  • Companies have merged and need to combine their ‘essence’ in a new narrative.
  • A specific pitch or proposition could use some ‘spindoctoring’ or a set of fresh eyes.
  • Weakened awareness; the overall narrative requires amplification.
  • Attention for attraction; assistance is required in setting up the fundamentals for a seminar, roundtable, workshop or power session.

Why hire a strategist?

Let’s be clear: while a strategy includes some degree of planning, that’s not the biggest benefit of hiring a strategist. The biggest benefit offered by a  strategist is defining your narrative while managing a unique context-based, cohesive strategy.