Hello, how is your content?

Content means flow or flux. Content is always on the move to better, faster, more creative, more client driven, avoiding churn. We call this cycle: the content supply chain. This implies strategy, the cause of content, the team that makes it and the funnel that it follows.

Content is context

The most important goal of your content should be the right context, for your values to be understood. Values that are important to your clients and peers. Content can get the word out quickly and effectively, guiding the customer or buyer journey.

Content means change

A content driven company has an open structure as most people contribute to the process. Former CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh once said: “A company’s default position is death”. As one of the strongest endorsers of change he has a point. Perpetual motion is needed in all business today.

Why hire a strategist?

Let’s be clear: content planning is not strategy. While a content strategy includes content planning, that’s not the biggest benefit of hiring a content strategist. The biggest benefit offered by a content strategist is managing the supply chain that produces content.