How marvelous storytelling arises from a traveling suit

The suit has become the modern harness of nowadays knights. The power-suit has been worn by men and women for a long time, to stress status, to emphasize a sense of style or just creating plain unification in an obligatory office setting. The suit has a rich history, the story of Roski Yard adds another dimension to the equation.

We needed a suit

The Traveling Suit movement started in 2016. The Amsterdam based designer duo Roski Yard decided to make a long-lasting design. The thought of the traditional suit arose, one that would fit any occasion, everywhere. A design that needed to be challenged and paraded by unique woman, mirroring their own beliefs and that of its makers. A suit with a client centric view, a disruptive design that would be tested by a worldwide panel of female wearers. Roski Yard wanted stories…

Not just a design, it is one day out of a woman’s life

They decided to put beauty in the eye of the beholder. Instead of just designing a piece, they put a unique piece together to gather its wearers experience and stories. The idea was to provide women around the globe with the suit for one day. By including a disposable camera with their garment, they enabled the wearers to capture their moments wearing the traveling suit.

The power arose from earlier days…

Early 1920’s Coco Chanel, started the tilt in women’s wear. Coco kept it traditional, feminine yet authoritative, making women feel comfortable in the masculine elements of a suit. It aligned with the post WW-1 era, a time where women were partially shedding their traditional role.

Helmut Newton also made a bold statement while capturing the stunning style of Yves st Laurent in 1966. The photograph of a boyish femme fatale in a tuxedo, smoking on the street became famous. An explosion of power and erotica while putting women to unusual power. In that developing era of sexual freedom, female power dressing literally followed suit.

And it continues today in a different setting

Following this historical line, I see Millennial designer duo Roski Yard understanding the midst of the customer first, lesser choice and unconventional methodologies era. They captured a beautiful cross-border storyline on a suit fitted to inspiring women. Building on experience first.

Their website launched today and displays its colorific wealth of only one suit. Visit Follow their suit movement on Instagram: @roskiyard

Thanks Roski Yard for making me wonder…about fabric power!