A good strategist is a blue banana!

A good content strategist is a blue banana, a creative yellow character with a blue lineair coating.

Someone who can think factual, creates leverage and expands creatively. A bit of a strange fruit but very much in the now. How often do we talk about T-shaped people and cross-functional teams, transforming silo’s, chimneys or whatever nominator you have for working together… The blue banana will climb over walls.

A strategist will work with every discipline within the company in order to gain insights that will drive content, will forecast requirements over a long period of time, and will build the structure required to achieve content flux.

A content strategist needs to combine key business and customer insights into a strategy that can be flexible as the needs of your business , team and your customers change. This type of flexibility can only be reached when you have strong internal processes that you can combine with a sensitivity to market trends, client sentiment and a healthy brand voice.

The myth about content strategy

Developing a content strategy is often seen as expensive, far-fetched and undefined. Those days are over! Content strategy shouldn’t be something that’s defined in a long report produced after a series of lengthy meetings.

Instead, your strategy needs to be updated on a regular basis and must take into account market insights from each of your company departments, from sales to production to customer service.