The best content has thrust

The best content has thrust. As technology becomes more advanced and every platform for sharing content becomes competitive, there is a risk of commoditization. “Someone makes an innovative breakthrough, and by doing so they stand out as unique in their field. However, because of the breakneck speed of technological advance, soon everyone else is offering those same features,” explains innovation expert Daniel Burrus. “A product feature that was special, unique, even astonishing, rapidly becomes a standard feature.” As features become standard, the competitive landscape becomes based on price alone – and content is no different.

However, it is possible to stop content from becoming a commodity.

Breaking the Chain

For content to not become a commodity, it needs to transcend advertising and serve a real purpose. Content masquerading as long-form advertising is already facing an uphill battle. It doesn’t require insight and often doesn’t take your customers’ or readers’ needs and motivations into account. But content marketing can be a service. When the content tells a story that meshes with your company’s brand strategy. This could mean that you employ a team or that you work closely with an individual to create content. Just make sure that you are using an actual content strategy and not a formula-driven offering.

Thrust in a Story

The best content has thrust. This means that its stories are supported by comprehensive and tangible data. The best content writers conduct research for the benefit of the reader. Good content is also sensitive to market trends and takes into account what is trending. Emotions are present, pain points are addressed and intentions are clear – but it is more than selling. Good content tells a story as well and it offers solutions and conclusions instead of just a call to action.

Putting It Together

Good stories are not fake. Instead, they breathe your company and are supported by a super omni-channelled strategy. Your content needs to reflect your intentions and a sincere consideration of your customers.  A team approach is necessary to make this happen, be it working with an in-house team or employing a writer who works closely with management. This to make sure that any content produced meshes with your brand strategy. Translating team talents into stories is a win-win that benefits the content producer as much as your company.


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Marilijn Boumeester is a content strategist helping companies to get sorted on the verge of content, commerce and creativity.

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