Why hire a strategist?

A good strategist is a blue banana!

Strategists are blue bananas, creative yellow characters with a blue lineair coating. Those who can think factual, create leverage and expand ideas creatively. Blue bananas are needed in nowadays, ever changing business. The market demands T-shaped people and cross-functional teams, blue bananas match these criteria. They will climb over walls in order to succeed on their quest for deepened insight in your company.

No silo, no cry

Blue bananas will work with every discipline within the company in order to gain insights that will drive change, will forecast requirements for lasting change over a long period of time. They will build the structure required to achieve flux or flow. Accomplishing a strong internal process, sensitivity to market trends, client sentiment plus a healthy brand ego.

The strategist-pragmatist

Blue bananas see the trend before it is there, they are all about timing and timeliness. Developing strategies is often seen as undefined and far-fetched. Those days are over! Let’s keep business going while work is in progress.

A blue banana does the trick!

Strategies, especially those around change and their storylines, shouldn’t be defined in long reports produced after a series of lengthy meetings.