Why a strategist as coach?

Find your narrative with a coach


Life is a continuous state of change. We have become fast movers. While in transit we strive for an easier, lighter, more creative, better focussed way of spending our limited time. Sometimes we lose track due to work pressure. The first thing we lose is our personal narrative. The why in what we do.

Personal strategy

Just like any other strategy, our existence needs organizing. This implies the complete scenario of family, friends, and business. A strategist/coach can help you sort and structure your own narrative. Simply to get your why straightened.


Putting life in context

To be able to look at our life and that of others, a neutral standpoint is essential. Learn how to plough through the clutter in order to prioritize what really matters.


Become true to your merits: People often function on performativity, where do you stop? What is the narrative of your identity?

Boil it down to the core: Make sure that your personal values and drivers are in sight and become the base of your trade.

Define your emotional context in order to set boundries: Constructing personal and yet compelling stories; your founding saga, your values, vision, and overall viewpoints. Keeping those narratives true, valued and close to yourself yet clear to others.

Induce a personal story. Sculpt beauty for others out of your plot, it may be work or private, learn how to use the power of a narrative to your benefit.


Cope with change

Let it go

Letting go is an asset, not a threat. Once you know how to become more “non-attached”, the clearer your narrative gets. Perpetual motion is needed in everyone’s life. It keeps the mind and senses open for challenge and change.