Take content on a service trip

A company’s brand, buyer journey, customer experience and service design are important assets. Unfortunately in many cases the company’s content does not follow the funnel the way it should.

Excellent combination of design and information

The most successful companies reach peak performances through the combination of service design and content or as I like to call it: content supply chain excellence. These businesses make sure that they go above and beyond in every interaction, on all levels – be it brick or clicks.

Whether their customers enter their shops or visit their websites, they enjoy an immersive service, information mix that is so comprehensive they have a best of brand culmination of impeccable experiences. And they are right in doing so as customers judge service holistically; they have an overall experience that does not segregate one element from another.

Content as a guide and an immaculate trigger

When done well, content can compel on its own a flawless journey that pulls people into an immaculate search-, reading- or buying experience. Not just any content will do. It needs a strong grid, and an immaculate trigger.

For content to serve -creating traction and avoiding churn- it needs to do many things:

  • It is relevant: Content needs to be on point, timely and market sensitive. Varying from the lure of pending topics and trends to background and research on deeper issues matching the company’s identity.
  • It meets logic: Content needs to follow the various buyer- and customer journeys on all levels for all personas. The biggest challenge for companies is ensuring that content -at each level of the customer journey- is appropriate, consistent, and logical.
  • It defines an emotional context: Content expresses compelling stories; the founding myth of the brand, its essence, vision, and opinion. Genuine emotions and authentic experiences are key in keeping these narratives strong and trustworthy. The best stories aren’t fairytales, they reflect the brand and include a wide spectrum of topics.
  • Serve and guard: Good content needs to ‘serve’ and ‘guard’. Content guides a customer journey or flow whether it is online or offline. It secures a service mind-set and a service tone of voice. All good stories are supported by service, and the other way around.
  • Content as a publishers’ mindset: In order to become a content driven company one needs to think as a publisher, having knowledge and expertise on display.
  • Non-stop flow: Content simply does not ever stop.

Getting the overall formula right

Getting the content-service formula right can be difficult as customers judge service in a simple way: it’s there or it’s not.


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Marilijn Boumeester is a content strategist helping companies to get sorted on the verge of content, commerce and creativity.

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