How Does Culture Affect Local SEO?

As a content strategist considering local SEO rules for a client’s website, should you also keep the local culture in mind? The culture of any given area determines the marketing vernacular that consumers will understand and what kind of language may offend. If you are going to use local SEO in your B2B marketing plans, then you need to learn that area’s culture.

How Consumers Recognize Products

If you want to sell soft drinks in Buffalo, New York, then you should know that most people in Buffalo refer to soft drinks as ‘pop’ and not ‘soda.’ People in Buffalo refer to chicken wings simply as ‘wings’ and find the term ‘Buffalo wings’ distasteful.

But does that really matter to a small business trying to sell products in that area? If your B2B marketing to Buffalo area businesses refers to soft drinks as ‘soda,’ your message will be lost. If you are trying to supply Buffalo restaurants with chicken wings and you refer to them as ‘Buffalo wings’ in your SEO content, your message will fall flat.

Their Native Tongue

The city of Chicago has a Polish population of approximately 1.5 million people. There are many parts of Chicago where all the signs you see are in Polish. So when doing content strategy for Chicago, for example, understanding the Polish audience could bring you thousands more customers. You could capture more of that market if your local SEO plan included Polish language content. Not only would you catch the attention of more businesses, but you would also appeal to businesses that your competition is leaving behind.

When developing local SEO strategy, you need to know how important ethnic roots are to your consumers. It would be a huge benefit to anyone trying to market to Chicago businesses to use some Polish content. As a content strategist, a dominant ethnic culture in your client’s target market is an important B2B marketing fact to be aware of.

Why Use Culture?

Paying attention to culture with your local SEO as part of your content strategy sets you up to appeal to niche markets that your competition might be neglecting. Your direct appeal to the local culture strengthens your brand and puts you in front of business professionals who represent the niches you are appealing to.

Culture and local SEO go hand-in-hand. As a content strategist, it is critical that you understand that local culture dictates whether or not your client’s message is received when a target market starts looking for new vendors.


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