BB Talk

The hero in employee branding

Businesses tend to use the word hero in employee branding. They are keen on hiring heroes or they describe their internal extraordinary workforce as such. A hero is someone who is brave and performs astonishing deeds. Does this actually happen between the four walls of an office? Commitment differs from heroism. True heroism comes from altruism, an instinct to do what is not being asked, anticipating on a situation which is potentially dangerous, uncomfortable, unforeseen and sometimes life threating. It means sticking out your neck for others facing huge risks.

How marvelous storytelling arises from a traveling suit

The suit has become the modern harness of nowadays knights. The power-suit has been worn by men and women for a long time, to stress status, to emphasize a sense of style or just creating plain unification in an obligatory office setting. The suit has a rich history, the story of Roski Yard adds another dimension to the equation.

Dare to wreck a context like Damien Hirst

In Damien Hirst’s new expo, everything is false and everything is true depending on how you look at it. ‘Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable’ leaves the spectator in a state of wonder. Hirst flawlessly reconstructs a history without a past creating 189 sculptures supposedly lost in a legendary shipwreck and raised from the bottom of the Indian Ocean. It is all about context as this history has no past.

How does culture affect local SEO?

As a content strategist considering local SEO rules for a client’s website, should you also keep the local culture in mind? The culture of any given area determines the marketing vernacular that consumers will understand and what kind of language may offend. If you are going to use local SEO in your B2B marketing plans, then you need to learn that area’s culture.