This Blue Banana called Marilijn

Core competences


  • Brand positioning and repositioning
  • Marketing & content strategies
  • Business narrative
  • Personal narrative, training & coaching
  • Research, trend & tendencies forecasts


Tricks, Trades & Virtues



  • Background in publishing, b-to-b marketing and consultancy.
  • Works on the axis of strategy, creativity and commerce.
  • Trainer, coach, facilitator.
  • Familiar verticals: Tech, Retail, Media, Publishing, Business Services.
  • International experience, glocal look on life.

Personal trades & the workplace

  • ENTJ personality type.
  • Streamlines thoughts to tangible plans and encourages fast execution.
  • Sees most things in a broad spectrum and full colour.
  • Acknowledges the devil is in the detail.
  • Simplifies, narrows down and defines the core.
  • Up close and personal approach, brutally honest.
  • Puts everything in context.
  • Delivers on brand, on trend.



Now tell us … how can we boost your narrative?


For companies


We make it relevant: Content on point, timely and market sensitive. Varying from the lure of pending topics and trends to background and research on deeper issues matching the company’s identity.

We make it meet logic: Ensuring that content -at each level of the customer journey- is appropriate, consistent, and logical.

We define the emotional context: Creating compelling stories; the founding myth of the brand, its essence, vision, and opinion. Keeping these narratives strong and trustworthy. The best stories aren’t fairytales.

We let it serve and guard:  Securing a service mind-set and a service tone of voice. All good stories are supported by service, and the other way around.

We train a publishers’ mind-set.


For individuals


Becoming true to one’s merits: People often function on performativity, where does that stop?

We boil it down to the core: Ensuring that personal values and drivers are in sight and become the base of one’s trade.

We define the emotional context: Putting life and business in perspective; keeping all narratives close to oneself.

We induce a personal story. Sculpt beauty for others out of your plot, it may be work or private, learn how to use the power of a narrative.